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Lindisfarne Castle & Holy Island

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne, commonly known as either Holy Island or Lindisfarne, is a tidal...


Ferry from Nice to Bastia

Some shots of the journey from Nice to Bastia on the way to Corsica at the...


A quiet fishing village on the northern tip of Corsica. Great views and little boats in the harbour.

Torra di Santa Maria Chjapella

An offroad ride, short stop at a church and then on to Torra di Santa Maria...

Genueser Brücke

A lovely Genois bridge that cannot be driven over, but can be walked over. I got...

Parc de Saleccia

A large estate where you can see lots of flowers, plant life and learn something too!...

Village Abandonné d’Oci (Occi)

A village that was abandoned and the last resident died in 1918. Now it is being restored and is a great hike and rewards with great views.

Plateau du Coscionu

After a very long and sometimes dangerous ride, I arrived at this refuge and went on...


This hidden gem is quite a hike! Full of fresh water lagoons and canyons to swim in and relax.


Pictures from the lovely city of Bastia. I spent the most time here overall and I...


Photos while travelling and going through Carbini in Corsica.

Revellata Light House

An outstanding and functional light house, that was actually very hard to get to. I actually...

Le Gouvernail De La Corse

An Italian and Nazi underground bunker which was used to signal Sardinia, signal Axis ships and lookout for Allied vessels. You walk down deep into the cliff and through...

King Aragon’s Steps

Rumoured to have been dug out over time to lay seige to the citadel above. But...

Filitosa Prehistoric Site

A Prehistoric site of ancient dwellings and settlement. A massive area and you can see how...


Calvi in the north of Corsica. A large port, and a tourist mecca. Icecream shops litter...


Personally, the nicest place in Corsica. An incredible citadel, great museum and a lovely town. Shame I couldn't stay for longer.


Ajaccio is where Napoleon Bonaparte resided whilst in exile from France. Beautiful boats line the port.


Bonifacio is a port full of very expensive boats and an impressive citadel which overlooks the...

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